You’re beautiful, every little piece love.

Hi! Just stopping in because I promised that I would write more. I think I struggle because I want every entry post to be this deep, eloquent, insightful masterpiece but sometimes my day and my thoughts are just not all that tremendous. But that can be okay too, and sometimes those monotonous, simple days end up consisting of the things that eventually lead to a deep, insightful breakthrough, you never know what’s at work in your life. So, here I am, even though today was absolutely a tedious, long ass day.

As you know, the Bunny Ranch makes us get tested every week and usually that day is Wednesday. However because the holiday falls on Wednesday this week a few of us, myself included, came early so that we could get tested early and be ready for the week without the holiday getting in the way of us getting our results back. So, I went to the doctors office this morning with another girl in the house, we’ll call her A, but despite us getting there fairly early they already had over a 2.5 hour wait. Fucking insane. So we made appointments for later that day and then I drug her with me to get my eyebrows done (first time I got them threaded…my new obsession), and then we went to the movies. Because what else do you do when you have hours to kill in a town you don’t know. We saw Jurassic World which was honestly pretty good! They’re not my favorite movies ever made, but this one was my favorite from what I’ve seen of the others. Plus, Chris Pratt is such a smoke show that anything with him in it is worth your time.

After the movies we went back to the doctors, still had to wait another hour, and then finallllyyyy we were seen.

Quick swerve: I read this article in The New York Times Magazine while I was waiting that reported about how The Heritage think tank funded and manipulated politics/the news/social media to help get Republican control with someone like Trump into The White House and honestly, it was hella depressing. It’s terrifying how much of our life, and the path of society, is decided by elites and people we have no control over. It’s even more petrifying how many people in our country don’t see it, who think these guys actually have their interests at heart. The amount of money this think tank raised is astronomical, and those people who donated (all rich white men), were either given positions inside The White House or given a voice to determine which direction the White House takes this country. The president of the think tank at the time of the presidential elections was literally quoted saying that they liked Trump because he genuinely wanted to shake things up and also because he had no SOLID STANCES ON ANYTHING SO THEY COULD IMPLEMENT THEIR OWN GOALS. And what’s worse?! The company is now run (because there was so much infighting and toxicity and backstabbing and taking sides….kind of not unlike the current Administration….not surprising because this fucking think tank created the administration) but this think tank is now being run by an African American woman. What a fucking disgrace. Nevertheless that is a rant for a different day.

Back to the waiting room at the doctors office: I fucking hate getting tested, it’s the worst. I mean, okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but still, I don’t like it very much. I do it so often you would think I’ve gotten used to it but I honestly haven’t. I hate getting pricked and I hate the anxiety and I hate having to put my legs in the stirrups and get swabbed and I hate the waiting. Even when you just got tested last week and know you’re clean and that it’s all going to come back okay, you still worry. It’s the same kind of anxiety you get when you take a pregnancy test – just like a little nag inside that’s going “please please please be negative.” So, now I simply wait. I’m unpacked and settled into my room here at the Ranch, but I can’t work until the doctor clears me. Fingers crossed I get the results tomorrow so that I can work the 4th. If you could all please send the lab here in Carson City all of your productive vibes…I’m ready to be a whore already. It’s been a minute since I’ve worked, I put all of my time and energy into school these past few weeks that I haven’t seen anyone in quite some time. I miss being a good little dirty whore 🙂 Oh! Well, I did have that 20 guy gangbang like 2 weekends ago…and a sex party last Friday…but still, those don’t count.

Annyyyyywayyys, after the doctors we had some lunch and then made a Wal-Mart run to get some supplies and things we were in need of. You’d be surprised how many things one actually needs to be comfortable for a two week period. And how many things one doesn’t need but buys anyways – like pink light bulbs and towels. I really do have a shopping problem. Now I’m back at the Ranch, with the night off, just hanging out. I’m going to read some more of my book, which is my newest craze, I’ve barely been able to put it down since I opened it.

Second swerve: For any of you interested in politics, I highly recommend Dan Pfieffer’s book, Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump. Dan was the former Communications Director for President Obama and is currently co-host of my all-time favorite podcast, Pod Save America. He’s also brilliant and hysterical and donating proceeds from a portion of his book sales to charities that aid those being disenfranchised by the Trump Administration, so you should definitely go and get his book. (I wonder how he would feel about a hooker promoting his work?! Probably a little awkward.)

But I digress, today was a long but overall good day.

The bright spot in my day was A (what we’re calling the girl I hung out with all day in case you don’t remember). She’s super private so I’m not really going to write much about her here, but I will say that she’s everything you hope the girls here are. Intelligent, self-aware, beautiful, and empowered. It makes me happy knowing that there are bunnies like her working here, and I hope that I get to spend more time with her during my stay. However, there’s a good chance I get weird and creepy and make it all awkward so, let’s just cross our collective fingers that I can be chill. As if.

Later tonight I’m going to go hang out with some of the girls that I befriended last time I was visiting…I can’t wait to catch up with them!! Earlier I ran into Jenny, remember her? (She’s the queen who trained me) and I think we’re going to grab some drinks later tonight at the bunny bar. Yes, it’s really called that. And yes, we still have to pay for our drinks even though we’re bunnies (this is where I casually, not so casually drop a hint about how nice it would be if alcohol money showed up in my Paypal account for us bunnies).

My main goal for these next few days is to work on getting my sleeping schedule switched over, soon I’m going to have to be working through the night and sleeping through the day…on top of jet lag. Oof. Last time I was here this was a real struggle for me, I imagine it won’t be any easier this time around. I’m hoping to stay up until 2 AM tonight, which is 5 AM eastern time and according to my inner clock, so I’m definitely going to go make a coffee now. My second goal is to STOP STUFFING MY FACE WITH FOOD. Literally, as I type this I am polishing off a bag of sweet potato chips…that I bought yesterday. It’s unreal how much I eat when I’m here, it’s like there’s nothing else to do and so my mind is just screaming..EAATTTTT. So beyond frustrating.

And that’s it, my not so eloquent or exciting day. But how pumped am I that I sat down and wrote anyways?! Probably way more pumped than you guys are reading it haha here’s to hoping that these next two weeks have some sexy, fun, wild experiences in store that I can share with you. But for now, I have a date with Dan Pfieffer as I battle my desire to go and eat more food 🙂

All my love,




  1. Deskmaster · July 3, 2018

    Great insight into your daily life. Thanks, Harper!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John · July 3, 2018

    Great to hear from you again. I enjoy your down to earth and openness. It is nice to know there are beautiful women out there that enjoy sex and being a slut as much as I do (:

    Liked by 1 person

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