Just because there’s a hurricane going on around you doesn’t mean you have to open the window and look at it

Hello my loves!!!

Just had to update you because I was lowkey stressing last night, but I got cleared to work 🙂 So tonight is my first night on shift, but it’s been pretty dead so really I’ve just been hanging out. However, something HUGE (please pronounce that like Donald Trump says it when you read it) happened to me today and I must share.

DAN. PFIEFFER. LIKED. MY. TWEET. In case you do not remember where you heard that name before, he is the author of the book I was gushing about last night. He used to be Communications Director for Obama. Yeah, he knows who I am. Ish. Through Twitter, so not really. Needless to say when I got the notification I lost all resemblance of cool. This is my in you guys, I don’t know how I’m going to use it…but this is my in. 🙂

Other than that I really don’t have much to share. I got to spend some of my down time today with two other bunnies from here at the Ranch which was really nice. The solitude can really get to you here, at least it gets to me, and being able to hang out and chat with other ladies here really makes all the difference. I am so thankful for them both. Society has all these misconceptions about what it means to be a sex worker and what we do/how we act, but these girls are just pure badasses. They’ve turned their sexuality into a business and rock the shit out of it. They have goals with concrete, thought out, detailed plans on how to follow them through. They’re ambitious and genuine and kind, and honestly just really impressive souls.

Tomorrow is July 4th, which feels weird this year if I’m being honest. It feels wrong to celebrate a nation that is so overrun with misogynistic, homophobic, racist, fucktards…but I also really can’t wait to blast Hamilton and toast to our Founding Fathers for the gift they gave us (even though most of them were racist too). For the holiday The Bunny Ranch is having a pool party/cookout tomorrow and it’s open for the public so I’m wicked excited to have something to do during the day. And for the food. But also I’m pretty anxious about it, I hope that I don’t get all awkward and make it weird and that people will want to hang out with me. I hope I can play it cool and everyone will be like, “oh, she’s so cool” but we’ll see.

So that’s it for me, today is the day the liberals start a civil war (shout out to Alex Jones for letting me know) and I really must pick out and outfit and prepare. See you on the battlefield.

All my love,


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