I’m too tired to think of a T.S. lyric for this post, but I talk about sex, so you should read it!

Hi my loves! It’s taking me a bit to sit down and actually write about what’s going on here, but these past few days have been surprisingly good. I think the last time I wrote to you was before July 4th…which honestly feels like ages ago by now. I’ve been booking a solid amount of parties, nothing too extravagant or intense, but a few of them have been especially lovely. Everyone messages me asking to hear about the parties that I do, they want the nitty gritty details about all the hot sex they think I’m having. It’s as if they think that this place is nothing but girls being used as receptacles for pleasure and then handed over to the next paying customer – but I’ve got to be honest, that’s simply not the case.

The thing about The Bunny Ranch is that we, are at least this is my experience, get a lot more of the guys who are looking for the girlfriend experience than anyone coming in who just wants to get off. People have a lot to say about what they think happens here and the degenerates that partake, but the Bunny Ranch is so much more than just a pit stop for men to lose a load. It’s a sanctuary, a safe house, a place where, even if just for a little while, a guy can come and feel worshipped. And accepted. And cherished. I have to make a small caveat here and say that there’s nothing wrong with the men (And girls they hire) who are just looking to get off – that’s equally as valid and delicious. But more often than not, us girls deliver men something that they’re desperately needing and not able to find in their reality outside of our gates.

The Ranch is a shining beacon, a safe haven where the virgins can learn how to talk to girls and touch their bodies without feeling shame. Where the socially awkward can feel validated and desired. Where the misfits become rockstars. Where the elderly, who in the outside world are overlooked and dismissed, are doted on and adored. It’s where couples looking to bring passion and excitement back into their relationship can explore each other in new and unthreatening ways. The people coming in these doors are looking for comfort, for affection, for some compassion, and yes, for release.

I had a party on July 4th with a guy, we’ll call him R, and even though he paid a pretty penny to spend some time partying with me – we spent maybe 15 of those minutes actually having sex. That’s not to say that the sex we had wasn’t fantastic –  he went down on me until I came all over his tongue, I went down on him, he sucked my toes, I let him fuck my ass and popped his anal fucking cherry, and then he titty fucked me until he came all over my face….it was such a hot time! But all of that, delectable as it was, wasn’t the main meal. It’s not why he came into the Ranch that night, it’s not why he spent the money that he did, and it’s not what left us both feeling blissed out at the end of our party. The massaging, and cuddling, and self-divulging…that was where the magic was. Those tender moments, when we were basking in our post-coital glow (I do hate that phrase I think) and he was able to talk about what was on his heart and in his mind…that’s what it was all about for him. His wife was bedridden, so sick that it took over both of their lives. And he was terrified about her dying, he was stressed about how to best take care of her and the medical decisions that awaited them both, he was lonely, and he had gone without a woman’s touch for months. Him and his wife decided that hiring someone, legally and safely, was a solution that they were both comfortable with and so he came to us. And I was fortunate enough to be the one that got to provide him with that escape.

And last night, I had a party with a younger (and super hot) immigrant who had just moved to the United States from India and was working in the Bay area. We bonded immediately over our hatred for America and the disgust towards white nationalism that seems to be running rampant these days. He made love to me in a way that I hadn’t experienced in quite some time, instead of me taking care of him, he took care of me. He took his time, he ran tantalizing, soft kisses down the entire length of my body, and he touched me in ways that had me begging for more. Afterwards, we sat at the bar for a while talking about traveling, religion, how to deal with families that hold completely different ideologies than you, and philosophy. When he talked about where he’s been in the world, telling me about his visits to Japan made his eyes lit up the way mine do when I talk about the discography of Taylor’s Speak Now album. There is nothing I love more than watching people come to life when they talk about the things they’re passionate about. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful things. Like mine, his parents put religion before all else and like me, he became the collateral from that way of living. (Although, his parents disowned him because they found out he was eating pork, so I think his story sucks more than mine). We had a lively debate over whether happiness is a state of mind or a result of your circumstances and surroundings, he read me poems that he had written both while he fell in love and had his heart shattered. By the end of our party, I found myself genuinely sorry that I had to say goodbye and there’s a part of me that’s bummed I won’t ever get to spend time with him again. Although, maybe that’s part of the magic – that we show a stranger our most intimate and vulnerable parts, for just a little while, and then they’re strangers again.

When I talk to other bunnies in the house and hear their stories, I hear more tales that are equally as tender and substantive. One girl was talking about how when she was giving a client a tour of the compound he stopped mid tour and apologized to her for his face. Is that not the most heartbreaking thing?? He had come to see us because he had been rejected and rebuffed so much that he honestly felt like there was no girl out there who would want to have sex with him due to his physical appearance. Or another party I heard about from a different bunny where the guy came in a virgin and left feeling like “a brand-new man.” He had come in shaking and stuttering and so nervous he couldn’t make eye contact, but he booked an extended party where he was taught the ins and outs of sex, Sex 101 you could say. He was educated about sex in a loving, affirming, safe, and open-minded way – where he could try all kinds of different things and ask questions and open up about desires and kinks without having to worry about judgement or condemnation. By the end of the party he told her that his virginity had been such a burden on his life and his confidence for so long, but now he feels like he can be the man he was really meant to be.

I know you guys want to hear stories about being spit on or fucked so hard we can’t walk straight or being cummed on by five different guys in a day – and that stuff happens, but it’s rare compared to what usually occurs behind closed doors. I did have a party where this punk (he was so young and dumb) booked me and basically raped my face until it was covered in both his cum and spit. And yes, I fucking LOVED it. I know I’ll be used like that again, I look forward to being used like that again, but being given the opportunity to see others open up and be vulnerable and look to you to provide them the things they’re missing in life – that’s at the heart of why I do what I do.

Oh. My. God. Complete 180 pivot but I’m cracking up right now at how funny life is. (Also, I’ve now been up for 20 hours and worked 15 of those so this part will not be near as eloquent). As I was typing those previous paragraphs (3 hours ago) the bell rang and so I had to go to line up and I got picked. This guy, we’ll call him S, was with his uncle and another friend of his and they were fuuuuuucked up, they were coming from the casino where they won some money and were looking to celebrate. We sat at the bar to have some drinks and hang out and I realize that S’s uncle is crying…I was like “uhhh babe what’s wrong?” but he didn’t want to talk about it and so I just gave him some hugs and back rubs while we were hanging out. Eventually S asked to go to my room and party, as we were leaving I checked in with his uncle again to make sure he was okay, and he goes,” I just feel so bad for all of you girls.” Like…are you fucking kidding me?? I was like, “well you can knock that bullshit right off, thank you very much.” When will people learn that just because a woman decides to monetize her sexuality and her body she’s not broken or in need of sympathy? It’s such a fucking buzzkill, you have no idea.

Anyyyyways, S and I went and ended up having a fantastic time…and so he rebooked me and we played some more, and then we went back to the bar to see how his group was doing – his friend was passed out in cab out front and his uncle stopped crying and was now handing out hundreds to any girl that walked by and was telling them how hard she made is cock feel…shocker. S pretty much chugged 2 more drinks and then asked to book me again, may I remind you that this just happened, at like 6:00 this morning, fucking wild. He was so dirty and kinky, and perverted, it was fantastic. I laugh though, because literally right before he came in the door I was sitting here on my high horse in my room writing about how the bunny ranch is for more than just dirty, objectifying sex, and then this fucking guy comes in and wanted nothing but those things. He didn’t give a shit about what my hobbies were, just that he liked the way my tits felt suffocating his face. I gave him sloppy head, we were spitting in each other’s mouths and rubbing it all over our bodies, talking filthy, filthy talk about making his wife a cuckold (can women be called cuckolds too??), and I fucked his ass for most of it. It was SUCH a hot time, I’m literally floating on cloud 9 right now. He’s going to come back and see me next week and I can’t lie – I’m looking forward to it.

Most of the time, this job fucking rules, legit. I love it so so so much. I wish you guys could see the grin on my face or feel how blissfully happy I feel right now. I am having the best time here at The Bunny Ranch this time around, I may never leave. Just kidding, I love RI too much.

I am exhausted however, so I am going to crash now, I have a 14-hour shift in just a few short hours…I wonder what chaos and trouble tomorrow will bring. I love you all so much, thanks for being the kind of people that I can share this stuff with.



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