All of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting, my hands are shaking….

Hi my loves!! It’s a Thursday night here at the world famous Bunny Ranch and it is dead as fuck. No lie, nobody has come in the door for hours now, which means I’m left to lay here drowning in my desire for dick. I’m craving sex baaaad, I feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin. I am kinky and aching and hungry. I want filth.

I want to be blindfolded and led into a room that smells of smut, the air heavy with lust. I want labored breath and warm waiting bodies. I want to be paraded through the crowd, on the end of a leash, eagerly transforming from human to doll. Objectify me. I am a vessel. Nothing but holes meant for one thing only – to inspire desire, perversion, pleasure. I want to be left in the center of the room, handed over to those who understand what I’m there for. No formalities, no introductions, just sex.

I want stranger’s hands groping me, squeezing my tits, slapping my ass, wrapping around my throat…forcing me down onto my hands and knees. Ripping cloth and sinking teeth, pulling hair and digging nails. I want to feel overpowered – handed around as if I’m a gift that is being sacrificed to the gods of carnality. I want to feel the first cock slide into my dripping pussy, filling me up as I moan around another cock that’s already found its way down my throat. I want to lose myself in the art of passion. Use me. I want hard days at work taken out on me, pent up frustration from other girls saying no taken out on me, built up desire from watching too much porn taken out on me. I want to be the escape.

I want hot skin, slick with sweat pressed against me from every angle, I want it to be hard to breathe. Hard to think about anything other than cock, impossible to feel anything but strangers lust dripping down onto me and running across my skin. I want aggression. I want strong hands on the back of my head forcing cocks deeper down my throat, so deep I gag, and drool, and my eyes tear up. I want to be facefucked so good that I giggle, delirious in my desire for more. I want rough hands gripping my hips as strange cock after strange cock slams into me, fucking me so hard that my thighs start trembling. I want to be used so much that my arms and legs give out and I have to be flipped over onto my back, my body limp with exhaustion but aching for more.

I want that first load of cum to splash across my open mouth, salty and delicious, the nectar of gratification – my motivation the entire night. Then I want more. I want the second load, then the third, the eighth, the fourteenth, I want so much cum I lose count. A canvas coated in the consequences of my carnal desires. I want to drown in my reward, relishing in what I have done.

It’s so strange, this fantasy, because it’s a living, breathing dichotomy. I am used yes, but I also use. These men may not care who I am, just using me for their pleasure, but I don’t care who they are. I don’t care what they look like, where they’re from, what they do for a living. I care about their orgasm, about their cum, and not for their pleasure but for my own. The acts may be degrading and dehumanizing, but when I perform them I feel powerful and confident.

This is the magic of gangbangs; when everyone involved is focused on their own pleasure, on using each other to get what they truly desire, then there is no room for anything but just that – desire. It takes over and overwhelms, leaving us all high on the endorphins of the ecstasy that ensues. I am a whore, a plaything built for men, but I am a goddess. They are strong and powerful men, but my body leaves them panting, weak as they trying to stand on their shaking knees. The exploiters become the exploited. The worshiper becomes the worshiped.

I’m craving this form of worship with every fiber of my cum depraved whore being right now. Here’s to hoping tomorrow brings me some cock…and the cum that comes with it 😉

Good night my fellow perverts, I love you.






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